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Post Tanner's Family

Tanner's Family
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Stephanie Tanner crept stealthily down the dark hallway toward her
father's room. The pretty 12 year-old had awakened in the middle
of the night to find her bedroom empty and strange noises echoing
through the quiet house. Kimmy Gibbler had been spending the night,
and now both her and D J were gone, and little Stephanie found
herself alone and frightened in her dark, spooky room. The panicked
child had gotten out of her warm bed dressed in only her short,
cotton nightshirt, and gone searching for the missing girls.
Stepping warily out into the shadowy hallway, Stephanie had seen
a light coming from her father's partially open doorway, and the
curious child was now making her way silently toward the lighted

Tiptoeing closer to her father's bedroom, Stephanie could make out
hushed voices coming from inside. Fascinated by what she was
hearing, the cute little 7th grader got down on her hands and knees
and crept to within a foot of the heavy wooden door. She stopped and
listened in awe to the sounds coming from inside the brightly lit

“Oooh! Mister T! That feels so good! I love it when guys suck my

“Oh! Go Dad! You're making her nipples pucker all up! Now show
Kimmy your dick! It'll make her crazy!”

“Yeah, Mister Tanner! Let me see that big boner D J has been telling
me about! I bet it isn't half as long as she claims it is!”

“Oh yeah? Okay, Gibbler! What do you think of this?”

“Whoa BABY! Oh my GOD! Mister T! I don't believe it! It - It's
beautiful! Oooh! Wait! Wait! Let me -- Mmmmgggllfff!”

“Oh, Kimmy! Uuuh! Suck it! Suck it! Aaaaahhh!”

“What did I tell you, Dad? She loves sucking guys dicks. She'll let
you cum in her mouth and everything! Do it, Dad! Fuck her mouth
good! Make Kimmy drink your jizz!”

Stephanie couldn't stand it any longer. She had to see what was
going on in that room! The bedroom door stood slightly ajar, and
the trembling child cautiously peeked around the doorjamb into the
tidy, brightly lit room. She gasped!

They were all naked!

Stephanie closed her eyes and turned away from the wicked sight,
sitting down shakily in the darkened hallway until she could breathe
once more. She couldn't believe what she had seen! Her own father
was laying on his bed with his pajama bottoms rolled down around his
ankles while Kimmy Gibbler kneeled beside him wearing only her pink
bikini panties and she was bent over sucking on his big, red dick!
What's worse, her sister D J was on the bed with them completely
naked! Stephanie shuddered. They were having SEX!

Waiting until her pounding heart slowed down just a bit, little
Stephanie again peered nervously into the lighted bedroom. She
shivered. Kimmy was bobbing her small head up and down, making
her Dad's long, skinny dick go in and out of her drooling mouth,
while D J sat next to her holding her Dad's fuzzy testicles in her
hand, watching her best friend suck her Father's cock!

“Oooo! That's it, Kimmy! Suck him good, like you did to Bitterman
out behind the bleachers last Saturday after the game! Oh! OH! I
can feel his balls swelling up! Kimmy! You're gonna make him cum!
Oh Mylanta! My Dad's gonna cum in your MOUTH! Oooh! This is too wild!”

“Oooh! Girls! Uuuuuh! UUUUHHH!! Here it comes! Ah! Ah! Remember,
swallow it all! Don't make a mess! Ah! AAHH!! Aaaaawwww!!!”

Stephanie watched in shocked fascination as her Father lifted his
naked hips completely off the bed and drove his big cock halfway
down Kimmy Gibbler's skinny throat, moaning loudly. Thick, white
cream began to bubble out of her stuffed mouth as Kimmy gurgled
wetly around the jerking cock and began to noisily swallow the messy

“YES!! Kimmy! He's doing it! He's cumming in your MOUTH! Ooooohhh!
Drink it, Kimmy! Drink my Dad's nasty JIZZ!” shouted D J as she
massaged the churning ballsack in her right hand. Grinning wickedly,
D J suddenly pulled Kimmy's head off her Dad's spitting cock and
plunged her own wide-open mouth down over the gushing organ.
Stephanie could see her sister's throat making quick, gulping motions.

“Hey! No fair!” complained Kimmy, her high voice sounding bubbly
as she spoke around a mouthful of thick, slushy sperm. “I wasn't
finished yet! I wanted to be the one to drink your Dad's jizz!”
Gibbler sat back on the bed and pouted, her gooey face dripping
slimy white gunk down her skinny neck and onto her tiny little
tits, making her flat chest and teeny nipples all shiny. Kimmy
watched D J gleefully suck down all of her Father's heavy, gooshy
cockcream. “You people are sick!” she murmured, sliding her right
hand quietly into her tight pink panties and lewdly fingering her
wet pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” moaned D J as she sucked and swallowed her Dad's hot
cum. She reached out and grabbed the base of his long cockshaft and
began to slide her small fist up and down the squirting member,
coaxing as much gooey discharge as she could out of her Father's
heavy balls.

“Oooh! D J! Honey! That's so good! Uuuh! UUHH!! Swallow it,
Princess! Drink Daddy's nasty cum! Aaaaahhhh!” sighed Danny
Tanner as he pumped his wet load into his sweet daughter's sucking

Little Stephanie was beside herself with illicit excitement! She
had occasionally fantasized about sex, just like any other young
girl, and she had listened intently to the dirty conversations
that took place in the school bathrooms during lunchtimes, when
all the 7th and 8th grade girls would get together and giggle about
the nasty things they did with their boyfriends or cousins or
Uncles, or Step-Fathers, but nothing the panting 12 year-old had
ever thought of or heard about could have possibly prepared her
for the amazing, mind-blowing sight of her older sister drinking
hot cum from the end of her Fathers big, naked dick! Her tiny pussy
throbbed with arousal as the trembling youngster watched her naked
sixteen year-old sister suck the last few drops of sperm from her
moaning Dad's hard dick and then raise up, smiling. Thick, sudsy
cockdrool oozed slowly down her flushed face as the cute 10th grader
licked her slimy lips and giggled.

“That was a nice midnight snack, Pop! Maybe you'll let me have
seconds pretty soon. It looks like it's going to be a 'long'
night.” giggled DJ as she slowly fisted her father's slimy cock.
“Oh Mylanta! You're still hard! Kimmy and I must really be a
couple of hot babes!”

“Well, one of us is, anyway.” mumbled Kimmy, still scowling in
anger on the corner of the bed.

“Don't be mad, Kimmy,” soothed D J as she slid over next to the
skinny brunette. “You can drink his next load. Okay? Here! You
can taste what's left in my mouth!” Stephanie gasped in shock as
her older sister put her arms around Kimmy Gibbler's tiny waist
and pulled the frowning youngster against her bare body and kissed
her right on the mouth! The two naked children kissed noisily for
several minutes before pulling apart their flushed faces and

“Oh, Deej, You sure know how to get me hot! I love sucking on your
slippery tongue. I guess you're right. It looks like the old
Stringbean has enough jizz for everybody! It's a good thing he
has such rotten luck with chicks! I'll bet he's got a years worth
of cum stored up in these babies!” said Kimmy as she roughly
grabbed the prone man's heavy balls.

“Easy, Gibbler! Those aren't golf balls, you know!” complained
Danny, laying peacefully on his back as his long, hard cock
waved back and forth obscenely.

“Chill, Mr. T! Most guys like it when I play with their nuts.
Here! I bet you'll like it when I do THIS!” The skinny sixteen
year-old grabbed Danny's swaying cock with both hands and began
to roughly jack off the dripping organ. Danny moaned and closed
his eyes, letting the nasty little girl have her way with his
long, hard prick.

“Ooo! Do it Kimmy! Jack my Dad's dick! Get him all hard and horny!
Maybe he'll fuck us before the night is over!”

“Now girls,” chided Danny, squirming under Kimmy's steady,
expert masturbation. “Oral sex is one thing, but it would be
wrong to engage in actual intercourse with children your age.”

“Gee, Mr. Tanner, you're even boring when you have sex! No wonder
you can't get laid and have to have your own daughter suck you
off every night!”

“I'll have you know that D J sucks my penis because she loves
me, don't you, sweetheart? Ooooh! Faster, Kimmy! Faster!”

“Oh, yeah, right Dad! I sneak in here at night to suck your dick
and swallow your nasty cum out of the goodness of my heart! The
fact that you eat my hot pussy until I pee has absolutely nothing
to do with it!”

“I think he's ready, Deej!” pronounced Kimmy, letting go of the
rock-hard cock and swiftly removing her tight panties. The
skinny 10th grader was built much like a boy. Her tiny tits were
hardly more than two little bumps on her flat, bony chest. You
could easily count all the ribs on her prominent ribcage, and
she had no hips at all. Her thin, spindly legs were separated
by an incredibly large, fleshy, pink pussymound. Her exposed
pussylips were all red and puffy and she had absolutely no hint
of pubic hair.

“Ready? Ready for what? What are you girls up to?” inquired the
half-naked talk-show host.

“Ready for this, Mr. T!” smiled Kimmy Gibbler as she threw her
thin bird-legs over his bare hips and straddled Danny's crotch,
her naked pussy rubbing the underside of his throbbing boner.
“I've been wanting to do this since I was six years old!” she
moaned. Kimmy grabbed the huge organ with both hands and raised
up until her wet cunt was directly over Danny's drooling, pointed
cockhead. “I’m finaly gonna fuck Danny Tanner!! Oh, MAN! Here I go!”
cried the skinny teen as she slowly lowered her big, open pussy onto the
groaning man's heavy cock. “Oh! DEEJ! It's going in! It's going IN!
Aaah! I'm doing it! Ha-ha-ha!! I'm raping your Dad!” giggled the nasty little
girl as she slid her fleshy cunt lewdly down over Danny's shiny
cockshaft, completely engulfing the throbbing organ inside her
loose, flabby cunthole.

“OOOOOOHHHH!!! Kimmy! Right in your cunt! Right in your little,
baby CUNT! Ah! Gibbler!! My cock's INSIDE of you!! Oh MAN, you're
so warm and wet! Uuuh! Uuuuuhhhh!!” groaned Danny as he lay
trembling, with his big dick buried to the hilt inside his next-
door neighbor's skinny sixteen year-old daughter. “Jesus, you took it all!
Kimmy! You took my whole cock up your little cunt!”

“Little?” laughed D J, pinching Kimmy's tiny pink nipples as her
best friend sat perched on her Father's throbbing cock. “Wake up
and smell the cuntcream, Dad! Kimmy Gibbler has the biggest pussy
in the whole school! Last summer at the beach she let Robbie
Taylor shove his whole fist into her sloppy cunt clear up to his
elbow! Around school she's known as the Black Hole, because
no guy can escape the gravitational pull of her gigantic pussy!”

“No sweat, Mr. T! I've been fucking my Dad twice a week since I
was seven! He caught me blowing my older brother in the bathroom
one morning before church, and he's been boffing me regularly
ever since!” Kimmy began to slide her dripping cunt up and down
Danny's long, thin cockshaft. “Oooo! Your big boner feels good
in my hole! Aah! Aaah! I'm fucking you, Mr. Tanner! I'm finally
fucking you! Does it get you hot to have one of D J's friends
fucking up and down on your big dick? I bet it does! I bet
you've been dreaming about my sexy cunt for years! I bet -- oh!
I - I - Uuuh! Mr. T! I - I'm gonna -- ooohhh!” Kimmy began to
shake as she slammed her bony ass franticly up and down Danny's
hard, slimy cock. “Uuuuh! I'm fucking you good, Mr. T! I'm
really working your big boner! Feel it? Feel me FUCKING you?
Uh! Uh! Uh! Do you like it, Mr. T? My Dad likes it when I fuck
him like this! He likes me to get on top and do all the work
while he just lays there and shoots his gooey cum up my cunt!
Are you gonna squirt your nasty jizz up my big hole? Oh! Uh!
D-Deej! I - I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna CUM! Ooohh! I'm gonna cum
on your Dad's COCK!”

“Don't worry, Dad, she always cums quick, but she'll keep going
until you get your rocks off, too! All the guys on the football
team talk about what a good sport she is!” giggled D J as she
sat on the bed next to her Father and fingered her small,
furry pussy. “Unless, of course, you'd rather cum inside a
FRESH pussy. How about it, Dad? You're fucking Kimmy. How about
sliding that long skinny dick of yours up MY little cunt? I'm a
lot tighter than she is! Come on! You know you want to!” D J
raised up on her knees and straddled Danny's surprised face,
rubbing her fat, fuzzy pussymound against her prone Father's
thin lips. “Here Dad! Suck on THIS! Get my cunt all hot and
wet so I can slide it over your horny cock! Ooooh! Ooooooohhhh!!”
gasped the naked little girl as her Father opened his mouth and
shoved his long tongue up into her quivering cunt. “Uuuh! Oh, eat
me Dad! EAT me! AAAAAHHH!”

Little Stephanie was in a state of shock as she breathlessly
watched the depraved, wicked scene unfolding in her Father's
bedroom. She couldn't believe it! This couldn't be happening!
She must still be asleep and having some kind of weird, sexy
nightmare! Her stuffy, boring Dad couldn't really be sucking
on D J's naked PUSSY!! The little girl moaned with arousal as
her tiny, hairless cunt throbbed madly, the sight of the three
naked people cavorting in the next room exciting her more than
she could ever have imagined! Unable to deny her pre-teen passions
any longer, Stephanie reached under her short nightshirt and
quietly pulled down her little cotton panties. Still on her hands
and knees, the slender 12 year-old reached between her legs and
began to gently rub her hot, tingling pussy. The sweet child bit
her lower lip to keep from crying out as her probing fingers slid
back and forth inside her steamy cuntslit, the powerful
sensations coming from between her quivering legs driving the
inexperienced little girl wild!

“Quite a show in there!” whispered a hushed voice from behind
her. Stephanie gasped as she felt a hand suddenly resting on
her exposed, naked ass! Twirling around, the shocked youngster
saw the figure of a man standing in the shadows directly behind

“Joey!” she gasped. “What are you doing?”

“Sssshhhh! They'll hear you!” cautioned Joey Gladstone in a low
whisper. He was barefoot and dressed in his favorite blue Scooby-
Doo pajamas.

“Joey! I - I wasn't peeking! Honest! I was just - uh - I mean Uh...”
stammered the aroused child in a hushed, frightened voice. Joey
cut her off in mid-sentence by placing his finger over her
trembling lips.

“Don't worry, Steph. I won't tell. I've been spying on your Dad
and D J having sex for months! It gets me hot!” Still holding
Stephanie's bare ass in his left hand, Joey began to gently
massage her firm, pale asscheeks. “I guess it gets you hot too,
huh Steph? I saw what you were doing between your legs!”

“Oooh! Joey! That's so embarrassing!” breathed the blushing
child, mortified at being caught doing something so nasty.
“Ooo! Stop! What are you DOING to me?” whispered the shivering
12 year-old as her Uncle Joey continued to fondle her naked ass.
Joey Gladstone wasn't really her Uncle. He was a sort of nutty
guy that her Dad had asked to live with the family and help take
care of the kids. Stephanie loved the wacky things Joey did, and
had nursed a secret crush on the cuddly grown-up for quite awhile.
Joey was playful and handsome and acted just like a big kid.

Stephanie shuddered as Joey's fingers gently parted her tiny asscrack.

“Don't worry! I'm just trying to make you feel good! Why don't you
peek into your Dad's room again and tell me what they're doing?”

“O - Okay...I guess,” breathed the confused little girl, her
brain completely overwhelmed by the amazing events unfolding
around her. Her Father was in his bedroom having sex with her
sister and her best friend, and she was out in the dark hallway
with her panties around her knees as her Uncle Joey rubbed her
naked ass! It was all too weird! Kneeling down once more beside
the bedroom door, Stephanie peered back into the bright room and

“What do you see?” whispered Joey excitedly. He had lifted her
nightshirt over her naked hips and bunched the light garment
around her waist, completely exposing her sweet, bare behind and
was gently probing her tight asscrack with his thick fingers,
teasing her puckered asshole and sliding his long middle digit
forward onto her trembling pussy!

“Th-they're on the bed and Dad is letting D J suck on his big
dick! Kimmy has her legs around his head and she's rubbing her
nasty pussy against his open mouth!!” moaned Stephanie, doing
her best to ignore Joey's probing fingers. “Ooh! D J took Dad's
dick out of her mouth and she's getting on top of him! Oh! Oh!
She's putting his dick in her pussy! Oh Joey! Daddy's big dick
is going right inside D J's HOLE!”

“You mean like this?” asked Joey as he suddenly pushed his middle
finger halfway up Stephanie's tight, steamy cunthole!

“ AAAAh! Joey!” Little Stephanie squealed as she felt the thick
digit plunge rudely into her tiny, virgin pussy!

* * *

“What was that?” inquired Danny Tanner in a hushed voice. The
lanky man bolted up to a sitting position on his rumpled bed,
throwing Kimmy Gibbler off his dripping face and onto the cold
floor. His daughter D J stopped her up and down motions and sat
frozen as she straddled his naked thighs, her Father's hard cock
buried to the hilt inside her hot, wet pussy!

“Hey! What's the big idea? I was just about to get my rocks off!”
complained Kimmy as she got up stiffly from the floor, rubbing
her skinny ass.

“Ssshhh! I heard something!” whispered Danny as he gazed fearfully
at his open door. “You girls left the door open again! Kimmy, go
peek out into the hallway and make sure nobody's there!”

“Kimmy do this, Kimmy do that!” mumbled the naked sixteen year-
old as she tramped over to the door and stuck her head out into
the dark hallway. She suddenly gasped and ran back over to the
bed, hiding behind D J's naked body. “Do you know who's out
there?” she asked in a trembling voice.

“Wh-Who?” asked Danny, his eyes wide and his voice cracking.

“NOBODY!” exclaimed the grinning youngster as she pushed Danny
back down onto the soft mattress and once more threw her skinny
left leg over his wet face, straddling his head like a two-dollar
whore. “You're getting paranoid in your old age, Mr. T! The
hallway is empty. Now! No more stalling, Big Guy! Eat my pussy!
Come on. Make me cum with your long, skinny tongue! Oh baby! Yes!
YES! That's it! Aaahh!! You're doing it! Oooo!! You're a lucky man,
Mr. Tanner! I'm gonna let you drink my sweet, sugary cuntslime!”
crooned the flushed little tramp as she humped her fat, flabby
pussy against Danny's sucking mouth.

“Go Kimmy!” giggled D J as she resumed her lewd fucking motions,
sliding her stuffed cunt gleefully up and down on her Father's
raging boner. “Feed my Dad your funky cuntcream while he's boning
me! OOoooo!! This is all so WILD!” D J fucked her chubby hips
faster and faster onto Danny's hard cock, slapping her jiggling
ass loudly against his churning balls. Up, down up, down! Again
and again the naked 10th grader plunged her drooling cunt onto her
Father's long fuckrod, squealing with delight as she cheerfully
balled her first grown-up cock! “God! I can't believe it! I'm
really fucking my own Father!! Oooh! Kimmy! My Dad's cock feels
so GOOD!! You were right! It IS a real trip getting fucked by the
same cock that made you!!”

“Ooohh! D J! I-I'm gonna CUM!” shouted Kimmy Gibbler in a
breathless, trembling voice. “Oh! OH SHIT! Your Dad is gonna
make me cum right in his MOUTH! Oh! OH! Mr. TANNER! D J! HERE
Aaahh!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” The writhing sixteen year-old shoved
her weeping cunt brutally down against the mouth of the horny
adult chewing viciously on her throbbing pussylips as her skinny
frame was shaken to it's core by the onslaught of her tremendous
orgasm! The little slut's bony body convulsed wildly as her big,
slobbering fuckhole began to pour hot, smelly slime into Danny's
open mouth! Little Kimmy whimpered pitifully as the naked T V
star greedily swallowed her vile, bubbling pussydrool,
enthusiastically sucking every last drop of the pungent discharge
thickly down his franticly gulping throat! “OH! OH! He's DOING
it! HE'S DOING IT!! Your Dad is DRINKING my CUM!! Oooohhh D J!!

D J giggled insanely as she watched her best friend hump her
skinny ass madly back and forth against her Father's sucking
mouth. The wildly fucking child knew what her poor Dad must be
going through! She had sucked Kimmy Gibbler's rank pussy several
times over the years, on sleep-overs and week-end visits, and
once in the third stall of the girl's lavatory during a
particularly boring Algebra class, and D J knew how nasty the
skinny little tramp's stinky pussyjuice could be! Kimmy seldom
douched, and she was in the habit of servicing several hard
cocks per day (her official record was 16 cocks, 3 pussies and a
german shepherd all in one afternoon, on the day the school
newspaper had sent her to interview the 19 members of the varsity
Debate Team. The german shepherd was the mascot). The
steamy girl-soup that oozed out of Kimmie's fleshy cunt was often
strong enough to dissolve the fillings in your teeth!

“Uuuuuuuhhhh!!!” Kimmy shuddered violently as she spit the last
of her foul excretion out of her twitching cunthole and into
Danny's gurgling mouth. Spent, the quivering little girl rolled
off the older man's dripping face and collapsed with a sigh
onto the rumpled bed next to the wildly fucking couple.

* * *

“Do you think that they saw us?” whispered little Stephanie
Tanner as she stood trembling breathlessly in the middle of
Joey's dark bedroom. They had both dashed silently down the
long hallway and into the messy room after Stephanie had
cried out in shock when Joey' s thick finger penetrated her
tight pussy, and now they both cowered nervously behind Joey's
closed door, hoping not to be discovered. The shadowy bedroom
was illuminated by a single small Flintstones nightlight plugged
into the wall by the bed, and Stephanie could make out most of
the details of the cluttered room as her eyes slowly became
accustomed to the dim lighting. Joey's room was full of toys
and movie memorabilia. There was a Popeye doll sitting on his
desk next to a deluxe Supersoaker squirtgun, and he had a hockey
mask and machete hanging on the wall next to his Friday the 13th
poster. A set of foam-rubber Bullwinkle antlers adorned the
lampshade on his bedside table, and there was a Spiderman action
figure hanging over his rumpled bed, suspended from the ceiling
by a thin white thread.

“I think we're safe!” whispered Joey as he placed his hand on
Stephanie's trembling shoulder. “But we should wait in here for
awhile until the coast is clear!” Joey led the shaking youngster
over to his messy bed and sat her down on his wrinkled Daffy Duck
bedspread. "Just sit here with me and we'll talk until it's safe
for you to go back to your room." Sitting down next to the pretty
12 year-old, Joey placed his left arm gently around her soft,
slender shoulders and hugged the little girl tenderly.

“Joey?” whispered Stephanie after a long silence.

“Yes, Steph?”

“Why did you touch me like you did?”

Joey turned and looked deeply into Stephanie's big brown eyes.
“I touched your sweet pussy because you're so pretty. I've been
wanting to touch you like that for a long time, Steph. I see
you walking around the house in those short dresses and tiny
dance costumes and I can't help but think about how you would
look naked, with your soft body and tiny little cunt!” Joey
placed his right hand very gently on Stephanies bare thigh.
“You're a very beautiful little girl, Stephanie. Let me show
you what a man does when he's alone with a beautiful girl
like you,” murmured the aroused comedian as he slowly ran his
hand up Stephanie's slender little thigh and under the hem of
her short nightshirt.

“Oooohhh, Joey!” gasped the blushing child as she felt her
friend's strong hand travel boldly up her quivering thigh and
come to rest on top of her soft, warm cunt. Little Stephanie
squirmed uncomfortably as Joey's long fingers fondled her precious
sex. She moaned. Yesterday the innocent 7th grader would
probably have run from the room screaming if Joey had put his
hand on her naked pussy, but the remarkable events she had just
witnessed had changed the pretty little girl forever. Burying
her flushed face shyly against Joey's broad chest, the sweet
little moppet spread her thin legs wide, opening her tender
pussy to her Uncle Joey's lewd caress.

“That's it, Steph! Aaaahh! Open your pretty legs for me! GOD!
Your cunt is so soft, so smooth! Ooohh, Steph! Your letting me
touch your pussy! I can't believe it! I'm finally holding your
precious little CUNT!” gushed Joey as his trembling hand
reverently fondled the whimpering little girl's delicate sex.

“Are - are you gonna have sex with me, Joey?” asked Stephanie
in a small, quivering voice. “God, are you gonna make me do
the nasty things Daddy is doing with D J and Kimmy? Ooooh! Aaahh!
Joey! Your hand feels so GOOD!! Oh! Oh! What are you doing to
me?” whispered the sweet child as she began to hump her tiny
ass back and forth in response to her older friend's intimate

“I'm going to make you feel better than you ever have in your
whole life, if you'll let me, Steph. How about it? Will you let
your old Uncle Joey see you naked and do sexy things to your
sweet little cunt? You'll like it, Steph! I promise! Oh God,
Honey! Please! Will you take off your clothes for me?”

Little Stephanie Tanner got up quickly from the soft mattress
and, without saying a word, deftly pulled her cotton nightshirt
up over her head and off, tossing the rumpled garment into a
careless heap on the cluttered floor. Her panties had been lost
somewhere in the dark hallway in her mad dash to Joey's room,
so the slender 12 year-old now stood before the gaping grown-up
completely naked, her soft, tender secrets fully exposed to her
Uncle Joey's lustful stare!

“I'm naked for you, Joey,” she whispered.

Joey groaned as his wide eyes roamed hungrily over the nude
youngster's tiny pink body. Stephanie was beautiful! Her long,
silky blonde hair cascaded in lazy waves down around her soft
shoulders, framing her lovely face in a light, golden halo. The
sweet child's tiny, rosy-red nipples stood out stiff and proud on
her pale, boyish chest, and her flat stomach and slim hips made
Joey's mouth water! Stephanie's slender, supple legs were firm
and shapely from her years of dance class, and the fresh,
delicate little-girl cunt nestled daintily between her smooth
thighs was the most beautiful sight the awestruck adult had ever

“Do I look okay? Joey?” murmured Stephanie, blushing a deep red
under her friend's intense stare. “Do - Do you think I'm pretty?”
The shivering child looked up questioningly into her adult
companion's hungry eyes.

“Oh, Stephanie! You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in
my life!” whispered the horny funnyman as he reached out and
pulled the naked child gently into his strong arms. Holding her
warm, delicate body tightly against his own, Joey tenderly kissed
the whimpering youngster, letting his moist, warm lips linger
lovingly on hers. Stephanie sighed under Joey's sweet kiss,
brazenly opening her tiny mouth in silent invitation. Joey moaned
and slid his wet tongue deeply into Stephanie's willing mouth,
french-kissing the pretty 12 year-old passionately.

Stephanie groaned into Joey's open mouth as she felt his strong
hands begin to caress her slender back and soft ass. The aroused
little girl stood with her thin legs spread wide, passionately
kissing her horny Uncle as he sat on the edge of his soft bed,
running his hands up and down her tiny, naked body. Her slim hips
began to hump back and forth as Joey's left hand made it's way
between her open legs and onto her tender, tingling cunt. Parting
the little girl's tight pussylips, Joey once again inserted his
thick middle finger into the warm entrance to Stephanie's moist,
delicate cunthole.

“Oh JOEY!!” gasped little Stephanie Tanner as the sweet child
broke the torrid kiss and looked down between her open legs,
watching in awe as Joey's horny finger slid slowly up into her
tight, virgin pussy! “Aaaaww! Joey! It's going in! You're putting
it IN ME!!” Stephanie's arms dropped from around Joey's neck and
hung limply at her sides as the shivering youngster threw back her
head, closed her eyes, and spread her legs as wide as she could,
breathlessly surrendering herself to the gentle violation of her
most intimate treasure. “Uuuh..Uuhh.....” she groaned as the wicked
finger buried itself completely inside her warm little cunthole.
Unable to stop herself, Stephanie began to fuck her slender hips
back and forth against the invading digit, grinding her tiny
pussy up and down like a cheap streetwhore! “Aaaaww! Joey! Uuu!
Uuhh! So good! So good! What are you doing to me? Oooh! Your
FINGER!! Your FINGER!! Ooohhh! Joey! Is this sex? Are we having
sex?! Uuuhh! Ooohh!! This is so na-a-asty!! Shit! Shit! Aaaahh!”

Joey grinned broadly as he watched little Stephanie lewdly
masturbate on his extended finger. The horny comic began to slide
the thick digit in and out of his little friend's hot, slimy
hole, meeting the whimpering youngster's obscene hipthrusts and
drilling his slick finger deeper and deeper into the sweet little
girl's steamy baby-cunt.

“Do you like this, Stephanie? Do you like my finger up your
little cunthole? Does it feel good when I pump your pussy like
this?” babbled the excited adult as he gleefully sloshed his
slimy finger in and out of the moaning 12 year-old's delicate
quim. “This is called finger-fucking. It’s what people do
to get ready for sex. Do you like it?”

“Aaah! It's good Joey! It feels good!” gasped the sweet child as
her virgin cunt began to leak wet, slimy little-girl cream onto
his wildly frigging finger. “Do it faster! Please Joey! Finger-fuck my
pussy faster! Aaahh! Aaaaaahh!!” cried the panting moppet as her
smooth, hairless pussy began to twitch and drool, making wet,
sloshy sounds as it slapped wildly against Joey's pumping
fist. “Ooooo!! What's happening to me?! Aaaahh! Joey! What are
you doing to meee-eeeee?!!”

Stephanie's first orgasm hit the whimpering youngster like a
speeding truck! Wave after wave of white-hot passion washed
wildly over her quaking body as sweet Stephanie spasmed several
times and then collapsed, sobbing, into Joey's arms, completely
overwhelmed by the sheer power of her mind-blowing climax!

“That's it, Steph! Let it go! You're all right, Baby. You're fine.
Don't be afraid. Everything's okay,” soothed Joey as he held the
shaking, sobbing little girl gently in his strong arms. Her skinny
hips jerked uncontrollably and her twitching cunthole slobbered
frothy little-girl cream down her soft thighs as the potent
aftermath of little Stephanie's first orgasm slowly subsided.
Joey tenderly stroked the naked youngster's long, silky hair
and murmured reassuringly into her ear as the gasping 7th grader
gradually recovered her senses.

“J-Joey! Wh-What happened to me?” gasped the trembling child when
she was once more able to speak. “I felt like I was going to
explode! God!” Stephanie cried as she reached between
her legs and slid her thin fingers through the slimy discharge
oozing thickly out of her drooling cunt. “What's this? Did I wet
myself? Oh God, Joey! Did I pee?”

“You had an orgasm, Steph! I made you cum!” smiled Joey, kissing
the sweet child gently on her soft, flushed forehead. “That wet
stuff isn't pee, it's your girl-cream! It comes out of your
little pussyhole when you get exited! Don't worry. It happens to
all girls when they get really turned on! It helps lubricate
your cunt to make it easier to fuck!” Joey again reached between
Stephanie's thin legs and slipped his extended middle finger up
her drooling fuckhole. “See?” he murmured as his stiff finger
slid easily in and out of the moaning moppet's slick, slimy cunt,
making lewd slushy noises as he once more finger-fucked his little
friend's delicate pink pussy.

“Oooh! Joey! That's so goo-ood!” cried the shivering child as
she spread her legs wide to give her adult lover easier access
to her throbbing sex. The aroused young girl gazed dreamily
into her Uncle Joey's soft blue eyes as his horny finger obscenely
fucked in and out of her tender cunt, stirring emotions and
longings in her quivering young body that Stephanie never
knew she possessed! Overcome by her awakening passions, sweet
Stephanie leaned forward and kissed the older man ardently,
sliding her tiny pink tongue eagerly through his parted lips.
She moaned, contentedly drinking Joey's warm saliva as it flowed
sensually down her wet tongue and into her eager, open mouth.
“It's your turn, Joey,” she whispered in a low, hushed voice as
she finally lifted her wet lips from her lover's flushed face.
“I'm - I'm letting you touch my pussy. Now you have to let me
touch your dick! That's fair, isn't it? Oohh! I want to see your
dick, Joey. Okay? Please? I've never seen a guys dick up close
before. I really need to touch it, Joey! I need to hold it and
rub it and see what it feels like in my mouth! Okay? Joey? Will
you take out your dick for me?” pleaded the inflamed young
blonde as she boldly reached into Joey's lap and wantonly rubbed
the huge bulge in the horny comedian's Scooby-Doo pajamas.

“Ooohh! Stephanie!” groaned Joey as his little lover squeezed
his huge boner through the soft material of his blue flannel
pajama bottoms. “No! Stop! You don't understand! Aaaahh!” Joey
struggled to pull the tenacious little girl away from his surging
cock, but Stephanie had both her strong young hands wrapped
stubbornly around the gigantic organ and refused to relinquish
her indecent treasure! Pulling his slimy finger out of Stephanie's
hot cunt, Joey grabbed the willful child by both shoulders and
desperately dragged her struggling body away from his throbbing
crotch. The thwarted little blonde cried out in frustration as
the prodigious organ was rudely ripped from her determined grasp.
Fighting fiercely to retain her sexy prize, Stephanie's clutching
fingers grabbed the front of Joey's soft flannel pajamas and held
on obstinately as she was dragged away, ripping the fragile
garment wide open in her zeal.

“Steph! NO!” gasped Joey as he bolted off the rumpled bed,
tossing his naked companion rudely onto the cold floor. The front
of his pajama bottoms hung in tatters as Joey stood in the middle
of the darkened room staring down at his exposed crotch. He sighed.
“I warned you, Stephanie!” he murmured as he turned slowly to
face the wide-eyed little girl, his huge, naked cock protruding
grotesquely from his torn pajama bottoms.

“” breathed the stunned youngster as she stared
in utter disbelief at the monstrous organ jutting obscenely from
between her Uncle Joey's legs! It was huge! The mammoth, rounded
cockhead was the size of a small apple, and the massive, blue-
veined shaft was close to two feet long and almost as big around
as her arm! Stephanie gaped in terrified fascination as the
gargantuan organ swayed back and forth majestically, her innocent
young eyes completely mesmerized by the fearsome sight! “Joey!
God! Is - is that REAL?” gasped the dazed 12 year-old as she
ogled the prodigious member in astonishment.

“It's real, Steph,” Joey murmured in a low, seductive tone as he
reached down and took hold of his colossal cock and began to fist
the freakish organ slowly up and down, staring lustfully at the
naked little girl on the floor in front of him. “Haven't you ever
wondered why I almost never get a second date with anybody? It's
because of THIS! This is why I can never keep a girlfriend! They
get one look at my big dick and it's 'Goodbye Joey'! You wouldn't
do that to me, would you, Steph? You wouldn't run away from me
like all the others!” crooned Joey as he stepped closer to the
prone youngster, still fisting his mammoth cock with a slow,
steady rhythm.

“But Joey, it's so BIG!!” moaned the frightened 12 year-old,
nervously backing away from the giant fuckrod. “I - I - I never
-- I mean, I didn't -- I -- I couldn't -- GOD, Joey! It's so BIG!!”
repeated the terrified little girl, still staring in awestruck
disbelief at his exposed manhood.

Joey advanced to within a few feet of the trembling child. The
aroused comedian stared hungrily at Stephanie's soft, naked
body while he masturbated his giant cock only inches away from the
innocent 7th grader's shocked face. She was spread out on the cold
bedroom floor, her thin arms propping up her beautiful pink torso
and her lovely legs spread wide, giving the horny comic an
unobstructed view of the pretty 12 year-old's delicious little
cunt. Joey groaned. His massive, throbbing erection began to
ooze a clear, slimy liquid out of the small slit in the end of
his monstrous purple cockhead, dribbling the warm, gelatinous
discharge sloppily onto the sweet youngster's exposed chest and
shoulders. “Don't be afraid, Steph,” he murmured, his drooling
organ almost touching her frightened face. “It won't hurt you.
It's just a cock! You wanted to see it, remember? You asked me
to take it out and let you touch it! Well, here it is! Go ahead,
Steph! Touch it! Touch my big dick!” moaned Joey, letting go of
his enormous erection and suddenly grabbing Stephanie's pretty
blonde head in his trembling hands.

“JOEY!” cried the startled moppet as her horny friend forcibly
pulled her struggling head against his exposed crotch. Ignoring
her squeals of protest, Joey began obscenely dragging her sweet
face slowly up and down his hot, slimy prick, smearing
Stephanie's flushed cheeks and trembling lips with thick, shiny
cockdrool. “No! Joey! I -- I -- MMGGGLLLFFFF!!” The shocked
youngster's pretty brown eyes opened wide as saucers as Joey
slid her darling face down the slick underside of his fleshy
cock and lewdly forced his warm, fuzzy ballsack into her open

“Yes! YES!! My balls! Suck my fucking BALLS!!” Joey cried in a
strangled, desperate voice as he humped his hips wantonly against
Stephanie's sweet face, stuffing his throbbing testicles further
into the gasping little girl's warm, wet mouth! “Oooohhh!!!
Stephanie! You don't know how long I've waited! Aaahh!
AAAAAhhhhh!! Suck! Suck! Uuuhh!!”

Stephanie Tanner whimpered helplessly as she gave in to
her Uncle Joey's urgent pleas and began gently sucking on his
bulging balls. She nursed noisily on the loose, hairy sack he had
shoved into her mouth, rolling his big round testicles back and
forth with her wet tongue. Her tiny, turned-up nose was pressed
forcefully against the slick underside of his monstrous penis, and
the raw, masculine taste and smell of the moaning adult's naked
sex was making Stephanie's head swim! She sucked harder, drawing
Joey's churning scrotum deeper into her throat and filling her
small mouth to overflowing with his heady, pungent man-flavor.

“Aaaaahhh....” sighed the aroused comedian as Stephanie reached
up and firmly grasped his raging erection in her delicate
hands, squeezing the throbbing cockshaft with all of her might.
Joey began to shudder uncontrollably as Stephanies slender
fingers pulled and kneaded his rock-hard fuckstick, finally
settling into a steady, rhythmic up and down motion as the
innocent girl began to obscenely masturbate her Uncle Joey's
mammoth cock.

“Yes Steph, YES!” whimpered Joey, letting go of Stephanie's
blonde head and placing his trembling hands over hers, guiding
her tiny fingers up and down his huge manhood. “Aah! Aah! Oh!
Do me Steph, do me! Pump my cock! Aah! Aah! Uuh! Jack me off!
Oooohh!! Make me CUM!” Thick ribbons of slimy pre-cum bubbled
from his slobbering cockhead as Stephanie's tiny fingers pumped
Joey's titanic prick closer and closer to orgasm. Up, down, up,
down, over and over Stephanie's soft hands skimmed the slick,
scary fleshpole. Up, down up down, the sweet child jacked off
her Uncle Joey with a strong, steady rhythm, coaxing the fat
balls she still held in her warm mouth to give up their creamy

“Oooh! Joey! I've got your DICK! I've got your DICK!!” gasped
Stephanie as she spit out his spongy ballsack and stared in
wonder at the monumental organ she was energetically pumping.
“It's hot Joey! Your big dick is HOT! Oooh! Am I doing it right?
Is this how I'm supposed to be rubbing it? God, Joey! I've got
your DICK! I'm holding your great big naked DI-I-ICK!!!” babbled
young Stephanie Tanner as she knelt naked on the cold floor of
her Uncle Joey's darkened bedroom, obscenely running her bare
hands up and down his huge, fleshy, drooling cock! Stephanie
wondered if the other girls in her class did things like this
with their Uncles. She wondered if she should tell D J about
having sex with Joey, or about seeing her and Kimmy having sex
with Dad. Stephanie wondered how her life was going to change now
that she had become a woman.

Mostly Stephanie wondered just what Joey's dripping cock was going
to taste like when she put it in her mouth!

“Joey?” whispered the naked little girl in a low, sexy voice.

“Yeah Steph?” breathed the sweating comic, his eyes closed and
his head thrown back in ecstasy as the sweet child lewdly milked
his raging boner.

“Do -- do you think it will fit in my mouth?” Stephanie blushed
crimson and lowered her pretty brown eyes, embarrassed by her own

“Ooooh Stephanie...” groaned Joey as his young lover leaned forward
and tenderly kissed his round, shiny cockhead! Her full, wet lips
parted lovingly, lingering over their slimy prize and breathlessly
sucking the gooey juices drooling from the overheated organ into
her sweet mouth and down her throat. Stephanie's pretty eyes opened
wide as the aroused 7th grader got her first wicked taste of male
cockdrool. She moaned, swallowing mouthfull after slimy mouthfull
of the pungent elixir as she nursed hungrily on Joey's slobbering
manhood. “Oooooohhh!! Yes! Suck it! Drink it! Swallow my slime!
Ah! Ah! Ah! Stephanie! Your mouth! Please! Take it in your MOUTH!”
Joey once again grabbed Stephanie's small head and pulled the
pretty child forward, stretching her parted lips over his huge
cockhead and sinking several inches of his enormous fuckrod into
the surprised little girl's gurgling mouth! “Aaaaaahhh! At LAST!”
sighed the panting comic as he stood gazing down blissfully at
pretty little Stephanie Tanner, kneeling in front of him on
the cold floor completely naked, with the end of his monstrous
cock buried deeply inside her warm, wet mouth!

Stephanie couldn't believe it! Her pretty brown eyes were open
wide with shock and her full lips were stretched painfully as she
nursed on the gigantic fleshpole protruding obscenely from
her flushed face. She was really doing it! She actually had her
Uncle Joey's big, swollen cock inside her mouth! His COCK! His
big, naked, slimy COCK! Stephanie groaned.


Stephanie couldn't help but wonder what other new and exciting things
she was about to discover.

* * *
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