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Post My wife's dark side

My wife's dark side

Rabia and me are a pretty normal couple. Got married 3 years ago, and have no kids out of choice. We just dont think we are ready yet, and Rabia at 25, me at 28 are still young.

Ours was an arranged marriage, but after getting to know my wife, I think i have been pretty lucky. Rabia is pretty awesome, she is a stay at home wife, and does painting and other art work as a hobby. She is 5ft 6 inches tall, slender body with a nice humpy shaped ass. Her boobs are not that big but quite perky with big brown aerolas. Rabia's family hails from Kashmir, hence has pretty fair white skin. She is gentle in her mannerism and very soft spoken, with the prettiest spotless hands and feet.

We live at our place in Lahore, with 2 house servants, one a driver (Shabbir) and the other kitchen and cleaning hand. (Mushtaq). The driver usually has no business inside the house, and stays in his quarters, and we call him out whenever we need his services. But Mushtaq usually stayed inside the house as that is where his work his. The driver used to do pick and drop services for me and use to return home, if Rabia ever needed going some where.

A few days ago, i witnessed an incident inside the house that has completely changed my life, for better or worse, i am still confused. But this is how the events unfolded.

My house is a two level villa, with our bedrooms on the top floor, and a guest room and study on the ground floor. When we take the stairs down from the first floor we land in the lobby/living area, where we have our TV and general living space.

It was Monday morning , I was supposed to be at work and Rabia having spent the weekend at her moms place was to come back first thing in the morning. I changed my mind about going to work that day as I was tired from a non-stop project that had just been closed over the weekend, so i decided to take the day off.

At about 10.00 AM I heard the gates open, and i knew Rabia was back. I was still lying in my bed, thinking i will surprise her, as she thinks i would be at work. I waited for about 10 min , for my wife to come to the room, but she didn't. We sometimes use the downstairs guest room also to unwind, if we are to lazy to climb up the stairs. I thought this is what my wife must have chosen to do, knowing i'm not at home.

I went up to the loo to freshen up, and decided to walk down and surprise her in the guest room, 10 min later i opened the door of my room, started walking towards the stair case, and suddenly heard a loud shouting noise. It was Rabia, shouting at Mushtaq.

"What is this Mushtaq? you have ruined the chicken, you idiot!"

I was in total shock, i had never heard her talk like this , even to the servants. I stopped right where i was and decided to hear a bit more before i moved down. Thats when i heard a big spanking noise, and a small moan of my servant Mushtaq.
Mushtaq at 18 years of age, was a quite skinny young lad. He had dark skin, and newly grown, never shaven mustache. He was 5.4 in height. We had employed him only 6 months ago.

The shouting was ok, but this spank was getting out of control. Something inside me told me to witness more of this before making my move. So i decided to quietly sit in the stair case and peek below.

I saw my wife, standing next to the sofa behind Mushtaq, while Mushtaq facing the wall and his hands on the sofa and bending over, I saw my wife raise her hand again and with force spank the almost bony ass of my servant, over the dirty shalwar kameez he was wearing. *spank* and another moan. I was in total shock and disgust. But what happened further, was mind blowing. I saw Rabia was wearing her kurta and white silky tight leggings, complimenting her humpy ass, and looking sexy as always.

After the two spanks, Rabia went and sat on the sofa, and angrily said, "you need to be punished more, Mushtaq, you know that?"

Mushtaq, just murmured, looking directly at the floor, still standing with his small posture, and said "yes..."

Rabia turned her head with disgust and attitude, and said to him "come here."

Muhstaq moved towards my wife, with his eyes still dug into the floor, just then my wife opens her legs, tears leggings just from the pussy area, to expose her pussy and tells mushtaq, "LICK THIS"., this is your punishment.

"Mushtaq, madam, please forgive me, and what are you doing?" He took a small glance at her pussy while saying this. and his eyes went back into looking at the ground.

I was furious by this stage, and wanted to intervene and the end the whole thing. when i saw my wife, again signalling mushtaq with her finger, "come down here!"
her light brown pussy lips and part of the surrounding milky white skin exposed. mushtaq went on his knees and started licking the outside of her pussy. trying to avoid the main parts. "Lick in the right place!" she said, and pulled his head towards her.

Here i was watching my wife sexually harass our servant! Furious but extremely turned on at the same time, and i kept pushing myself to resist intervention to see how far this goes.

Mushtaq with his initial reluctance, started licking more vigorously, may be he wanted this to get over soon, so he started taking interest, or may be he was turned on too, after all, as shy as he was he was still a man.

I saw his tongue move quicker and quicker, and my wife girate her hips faster and faster, still fully clothed, with only her pussy exposed. After about 5 minutes of this licking session, my wifes body shuddered and she moaned, she was cumming. Mushtaq continued his tongue movements over her pussy lips.

Then she stopped him, by pushing his head away, and saying, "thats it, go now" and be careful with the tasks i give you, get up and GO!" she shouted.
she brought her legs together, adjusted her kameez over her legs, grabbed her phone and started what i assumed was whatsapping with her friends. Mushtaq stood up slowly, to reveal a sight not to be forgotten. During this whole licking session, Mushtaq had developed a raging hard on, which was quite impressive looking the size of the tent in his shalwar kameez, rabia while looking at her phone, took a quick look at mushtaq standing up and noticed the same, and her eyes popped out, she quickly composed her facial expressions, and said in a straight face with a tough tone, "what is this?"
mushtaq:"madam, nothing, madam" while pushing his cock downwards trying to hide his manhood.
"COME ON, mushtaq", she shouted. "Now we have to do something about this" pointing towards his bulge. "come on, remove your shalwar."

" please madam, sorry", said mushtaq. Rabia gave him an angry look, and immediately, mushtaq started undoing his shalwar. As it dropped to the floor , his cock sprang up still covered by his kameez. "Remove the kameez also" said Rabia, pointing here finger up. Mushtaq grabbed his kameez and raised it over his shoulders and face, and removed it in one movement. There it was in all its glory, his massive hard on.
It was a like a third leg, now semi-flaccid, dangling between his skinny dark legs, it reached more than half of his thigh. Must be atleast 8 inches while semi-flaccid, and jet black, darker than his surrounding legs. It also had a hairy top, like he had never shaved. two big hairy balls hung besides it, complimenting the cock very well.
Rabia was completely shocked by its sight , i could tell but she did a good job maintaining her straight face. She grabbed her cell and took a few snaps of it, and kept the fone on the side.
"So what are we gonna do with this then?"
Mushtaq kept quite and continued to stare at the floor.
"Chalo, start shaking it"
"What ?" said Mushtaq. "Shake IT" Rabia said in a raised voice.
Mushtaq timidly complied, and started shaking it slowly, while looking at the floor.
Rabia tried to ignore him, and looked at her fone, and started chatting and giggling, she must have shared the pics with her friends and they were having a laugh about it, probably. as soon as there was a gap in the chatting, rabia looked up and remarked, " if you do it like this, it will take you whole day to cum" dont look at the floor , look at me, saying this, she opened her legs again, and exposed her pussy to him.
Mushtaq, gasped, and immediately his hard on gained strength and reached its peak while he was shaking it, his cock was pointing to the roof, it has grown to almost 11 inches long and very thick, almost like shane diesel's thickness. quite impressive for a skinny short guy.

5 minutes passed by, with my wifes open legs, and her continuing to chat on the phone, and taking a peak and a snap every now and then of his cock. She grew impatient and asked "Are you going to cum today or no?"

"Madam , i usually masturbate with Vaseline or olive oil, i will bring it" said Mushtaq.

"uffffhoooo" said rabia. "Wait, come here, open your hand"
Mushtaq came close and opened his hand in front of my wife, my wife came forward and spat in his palm two or three times. and said "use this"
mushtaq immediately applied it to his cock and started shaking it wildly. His black long cock was now glistening slightly with the saliva of my wife.

I was completely turned on by all this , to my own surprise..

Mushtaq shaked his cock a few more times, and i saw his knees bend, and back curve, he was about to come.. rabia also noticed this, and said "Yes mushtaq, take it all out, come on now". And there came the first spray, it flew up in the air, and landed on my wife's thigh, "ewww" remarked my wife, then came the second spray that oozed out, and the third one again flew high and landed on the floor. Mushtaq continued to shake and milked his cock out with the last drops. If you could compare the amount cum, just watch any Peter North cumming scene, and you will see what I mean.

"Come on, now clean up this mess, go and take a shower, and come back in the kitchen, we have lunch to cook"
mushtaq, grabbed his clothes, and turned around, just when my wife took her finger scooped the cum of her thigh, and did the most shocking thing of this whole episode, she put it in her mouth and sucked her finger.. not knowing to mushtaq as he was walking away.
I am still in shock, i walked backed to my room, thinking about all the scenes, and had a masturbating session of my own, before going to sleep. what did all this mean, how will we proceed from here on.. was she doing more than what i saw today? questions that needs to be pondered upon....

more next time....
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Anyway, after the incident, which induced mixed feelings in me, i decided i will not be bogged down by the negativity of finding out that my wife had a dominating sadist side to her that turned her into a wild beast, which was virtually undetected by her innocent milky white face with a rosy hue. Watching innocent looking classy girl behave like that inspired the animal in me as well.

I wanted to see more, hence i planned on carefully installing hidden cameras all over the house and even in the servant quarters outside, to hear what my servants talked about. I will not bore you with the details of the installations, and will get straight to the footage that started coming in.

In one footage, i saw my wife acting even meaner than before towards mushtaq. It seemed mushtaq was her target as he was younger and shy. Shabbir was so far, out of the picture, since he was older (50) rougher and a pathan from peshawer. My wife was so far not interested in him, atleast this is what i gathered from the footage that i have so far captured.

Coming back to this particular incident, I saw from the cameras installed in guest room on the ground floor.

Rabia called mushtaq in the room and started talking to him. Asking him general stuff about the monthly groceries and the tasks in the kitchen. She was wearing her 'at-home' shalwar kameez, which is usually very skimpy as it is thin (due to hot lahore days) and her bra is clearly visible. And let me tell you a big secret about pakistani women, they NEVER wear panties during their regular days. (this is why their ass shakes and wiggles and claps so much when they walk). Same is the case of my wife Rabia. Her Kashmiri ass sways and claps majestically when she walks.

Rabia then proceeded talking and said, "mushtaq". "yes madam" said mushtaq.
rabia proceeded:"from today i will call you khota (donkey)".
mushtaq was clearly angered by this but tried to hide his expressions. and didnt respond back.
Rabia said "theek hei? is it ok, my khotay?, hahahaha" and laughed out mockingly. "dont be angry fool, its a compliment" and pointed towards his crotch area. "i mean you are hung like one, what do you feed it?" and giggled again.
mushtaq, angry and humiliated did not know how to respond, just murmured, "g , madam, nothing madam"

"Come on show it to me again", rabia demanded.

Mushtaq although delayed , but eventually removed his shalwar and then his kameez, his cock was flaccid right now, but even at this stage it was a good 5 inches in length and quite thick. This man's cock was definitely a shower.

"Wah (wow) " said rabia, "what a cock" admiringly looking at it straight.

"Chalo, come on, get on all fours like a donkey, haha" rabia said mockingly.
mushtaq reluctantly complied and got on all fours.
"come on donkey walk around like one, be my khota"

it was a funny sight to behold, poor skinny mushtaq on his hands and knees, with his massive flaccid black cock hanging between his legs walking around the guest room floor. I really felt sorry for him, but was amazed at my wife's boldness. Just then, my wife turned the humiliation knob a little higher, and demanded mushtaq to make sounds like a donkey. To which mushtaq responded:
"heeeeen haawwwwn heeen haawwwn"

"hahahahahah" laughed out loud, rabia. This was too much for the poor guy, i could see his eyes turn red with anger and slight hint of tears.

"come here, khotay" mushtaq crawled over to her. "face the other way", mushtaq turned around with his ass and huge hanging hairy balls towards rabia.

Rabia reached out and started cupping his balls. "my khota" she remarked, while doing it. This act immediately gave a hardon to mushtaq, and his cock reached its full glory of 11 inches , now hitting his stomach. Rabia continued the cupping of his balls, and reached out with one hand to the drawer nearby, and took out a bottle of olive oil. OMG, i thought to myself, what is she going to do this poor soul.

Rabia, then kept the oil on the floor, and said " you jack off with olive oil hun?"
mushtaq said "yes madam"
rabia followed: "wow, the luxuries servants want these days, i will give u olive oil alright. what do you think of when you jerk off?"
mushtaq said " nothing madam, woh actress" as he was saying this, rabia pressed hard on his balls and said, "tell me the truth". He let out a moan, and said" madam i dream of fucking ur ass, madam"

"really?, shame one you!" said rabia, "i will teach you a lesson now for thinking filthy about your madam".
"sorry madam", said mushtaq.

"no sorry, punishment time." rabia said. With this rabia, came closer to mushtaq's ass and balls, still cupping and playing with them, she started kissing his ass cheeks, and licking it, mushtaq trembled with these feelings. "Donot even dare to cum, until i tell you to" remarked rabia, and continued the licking.

I couldn't believe the sight, my innocent wife's rosy lips on this servant's black skinny ass, her tongue would protrude out from time to time, to lick him, then kiss him. I didnt think it could get filthier than this, when i saw my wife, stick her entire tongue out of her rosy lips, and directly stick it into the exposed asshole.
"whaaaaat", i thought to myself. she never went so kinky with me. jealousy enraged me. but that wouldn't stop my wife's tongue moving up and down, left and right, vibrating in the servant's sphincter. I saw muhstaq's cock's veins popping out, his cock hitting his belly up and down.

rabia, reached out for the oil, poured it on her hand and reached out to his cock from behind, and rubbed it on the shaft from below. she couldnt reach entre length of it, because of its size and her position. she quickly adjusted, and started rubbing his cock up and down, while her tongue kept exploring his asshole. mushtaq kept moaning, and just when rabia thought he was about to cum, she would abruptly stop and yell at him, "don't cum" and then she would slowly start again, teasing him and denying him, again and again.

this had to end somewhere i thought, but wait there was more to come. My wife, now stopped licking him, and with her left hand rubbing his cock, she took her right hand which was sticky and slimy with the oil, and started rubbing his asshole with her middle finger. What followed was shocking, she, with one quick movement inserted her whole finger in his ass, it slipped in and mushtaq let out a loud moan. "shut up, you wanted to fuck my ass huh, donkey? how does that feel now? and its only a finger, and you want to fuck me with this fat thing of yours?" said rabia.

Unbelivable, my wife was now giving a prostate massage to my servant through his asshole while jerking him off. This continued for about 2 minutes, when mushtaq's power gave in and he started cumming on the floor, once again his cum amount was a lot. rabia removed her finger from his ass, got up, and proceeded to the bathroom.

"Clean up the mess, donkey man, haha" she mocked and started walking away.

mushtaq, drained and humiliated, stayed in that position for sometime, as rabia walked past him, he saw her ass clap and wiggle and sway by, thinking may be, what i assumed, would be , revenge on that thing one day, may be?
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come on people. i need some motivation.
.................................................. ..............

I was spending hours and hours sniffing through the recorded footage of my cameras, this had become a new obsesssion of mine, i was the voyeur to my wife's dark side, i was enjoying her exploiting and harassing our young and shy house servant. Rabia's dark side, brought out my pervert side, which i never knew i had.
From the scenes captured, many were shots of random hotness and not long incidents like the one i narrated earlier. The short events would be things like, my wife walking around the house in nothing but a towel, and speaking to mushtaq, as if it was quite normal, and mushtaq trying to eye her semi naked body. In one such small incident i saw my wife showing her new lingerie shopping to mushtaq and asking his opinion. "you think your sahab will like this?" she then proceeded to wear and model it for him, it was quite hot to be honest, my servant sitting on the floor and my hot wife lingerie modelling for him, and taking his opinion, where my servant would respond " you are so hot in that panty" or "your boobs look bigger in that bra".
These vids were driving me crazy. I was waiting for that big sexual interaction between the two, and finally one day it happened.
As i was going through the vids, i saw rabia in her towel, walking towards the bathroom, and i saw mushtaq vacuuming the bedroom carpet. Rabia pointed to msuhtaq and said, close that thing. Mushtaq turned off the vacuum, when Rabia said, "come inside after 5 minutes, help me in the shower , ok?" with that she walked in the bathroom with the door open. I switched to the recording that was taken from the bathroom cameras at that same timeline. I saw her walk in , remove her towel, take a leak, and enter the walk in shower in our bathroom. We have had many sex sessions in this shower, in fact it was always my favorite place for sex.
Right after 5 minutes , mushtaq did as he was told, and walked in the bathroom, immediately rabia shouted at him, "what is this? you want to wet your clothes? remove them immediately and come in here, fast, i have to finish this shower and go out with your sahab"
"yes madam" said mushtaq. he removed his clothes, and with his dick dangling left and right, with his skinny small body frame, opened the walk in shower door, where my wife was fully naked and wet under the shower facing the wall, and her white creamy ass faced mushtaq. What a lucky man he was, he should realise? or was he? so far rabia had only sexually molested him, and harassed him and humiliated his existence. she never really made love to him, and hence maintained a master servant relationship. there was no ass or pussy penetration, the only penetration that happened so far was in mushtaq's ass, which was my wife's middle finger.
feeling scared and shy, mushtaq proceeded and asked my wife, "madam, what do you want me to do?"
rabia said " take that shower gel. and start rubbing it on my back." and proceed to my whole body, do it quickly i dont have time"
mushtaq, took the shower gel, poured on his left hand, and reluctantly put his hand on my wife's bare back, and started slowly rubbing it.
my wife got frustrated, and shouted, "come on fast"
she held his hand and started moving it faster to show him how to do it, once he was done with the back , rabia remarked " my body is not only my back, you know"
mushtaq proceeded further below, and was scared on her reaction hence again slowed down, rabia knew that he was feeling shy, so she held his hand once again, and forced it to rub on her ass cheeks directly, i had a raging hardon at this stage, looking at this servant rubbing my wife's meaty ass., she then put his hand in between the ass cheeks, and then told him, "rub it down quickly" mushtaq now at ease, rubbed between her ass cheeks, passing over her asshole several times. If i were in his place, i would be thinking of revenge, and would be thinking of inserting my finger in her asshole, albeit by "mistake" . Perhaps this thought did cross his mind. Mushtaq then proceeded to squat on the floor to rub her legs from top to bottom, all this time sporting a massive hardon. he was very careful in not touching my wife with his cock, as he didnt know how my wife would react.

as soon as he was done with the legs, he got up, and immeditely my wife turned around and now facing mushtaq, she took a step towards him very casually, and came in very close proximity to him, it was now impossible for mushtaq to avoid his cock touching my wife.

As mushtaq stood up, and rabia faced him, mushtaq's long black cock, came directly in between rabia's legs, and when he fully stood, his cock was wedged between the white creamy legs and the top of the cock was touching my wife's crotch area. He immediately tried to back off, when my wife stopped him, and said, "come on, rub the gel on my chest also" it was a very awkward but hot scene. What was amazing was the length of his cock, as it could be seen protruding out from the other end of my wife's ass. My wife was virtually sitting on it, with still space for the head and some shaft still showing.
As mushtaq was rubbing the gel on her boobs, i saw rabia slowly move forward and back , rocking on his cock that was wedged between her legs. the gel on her body had made everything so slippery.
I could see mushtaq started enjoying this too, his eyes rolled, and he moaned, so did my wife. rabia was fully turned on right now, girating her hips and rubbing her clit on this massive slippery cock. she kept girating and moving back and forward. Now mushtaq got bold, and helped in the penis movement, at first out of sync with rabia, but quickly they both synced.. 5 minutes more of this action proceeded, and mushtaq came with his trademark cum, he splattered all over the place in the shower.. rabia also shuddered with a huge moan, and came over his cock.... as she was cumming, she held mushtaq tightly, her boobs touching his skinny chest, cock stiill between her legs, it was a sight.

A few minutes later, mushtaqs cock became flaccid, and slipped out from between her legs, this is when rabia came back to her senses, and let go of him, and asked him to leave. mushtaq, left the bathroom, and rabia proceeded with the final clean up to finish her shower.

I have so far masterbated to this recording 5 times, i keep watching it. It was the best thing to have ever happened, but still no penetration or love making for mushtaq, he was no lover to her, just a tool for her to abuse and use to make her cum. He deserved no fucking sessions, as he was a low life.

Mushtaq must have felt very humiliated, and sure enough he had to vent this somewhere, and who else to share these incidents with but my driver, shabbir. I saw a video captured on my cameras where he is caught telling these stories to shabbir, and how angry he was. Shabbir initially surprised later laughed it off, and said you are lucky guy, she makes u cum, and you seen and touched her naked. But shabbir also felt mushtaq's anger when he told him how she talks down to him, and how she ass fucked him as a punishment.
" i really want her to pay back, that bitch" said mushtaq.
"what can we do msuhtaq, we are servants, just try to enjoy it" responded shabbir.
"We have to think of some sort of revenge", said mushtaq.

this line, sent chills down my spine, mushtaq had had enough, what could he potentially do? may be i should put a stop to all this. but i had a feeling, my curiosity would get the better of me....

more next time..
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this is the last update i am posting here, if there is no feedback.

my life was turning upside down. The one thing that was keeping me in my senses is that, even the fact that my wife was sexually abusing our servant, she hadn'e actually let him penetrate her in any way, there was no blowjob, no vaginal and no anal penetration. so technically she still wasn't "cheating"? may be..

with every little incident and shouting session from rabia, mushtaq was getting angrier and angrier, and i could see he was frustrated. Unable to break out of his submissive, shy shell though. As informed earlier, he would vent off his anger with shabbir, the driver. Shabbir on the other hand was getting bolder and bolder in his "eyeing" of my wife. I would frequently now notice, the way he looked at her had changed, he would be seen checking out her jiggly ass in her shalwar kameez and her cleavage when she bent over , so often carelessly (or knowingly?)..

In one video, i saw Rabia shout at mushtaq for some reason, and leave the kitchen, after which i heard mushtaq mumble in his mouth the words: "Randi, is ko tu mein choood k rakh doon ga" (bitch, i so want to fuck her over). These events were quite worrying and would terrify me, what if this turned violent for my wife? it would certainly not be good. But i would also enjoy the dirty filthy words being said about my wife , by both mushtaq and shabbir. It was a real turn on, that these low end staff were referring to my classy pakistani wife in that filthy way. sometimes describing her ass and her mouth, on how they would fuck her, and deep throat her. This was more dick raising for me than the actual sexual abuse sessions going on.
I deep within, wanted more out of this, wanted this to take a turn.

My wife, was lover of bollywood music, and she would especially love the item songs that were becoming so popular recently. Often she would learn the moves to the music, and reproduce them in the bedroom. This was sometimes part of our sexual foreplay. My personal favorite was when she would dance for katrina numbers, as being from kashmir background, she had similar features as katrina, and that would make it more enjoyable. ofcourse she would wear skimpier clothing that Katrina in the bedroom.
Little did i know, that rabia was actually practicing these dance move in front of mushtaq first, and get feedback from him, before presenting it to me. This is what i discovered in one of the videos i recorded off my secret camera network.
I saw, rabia dressing up, like she would for her item number mujras that she would do for me, she wore, her lacy black bra, and matching panties, which were full panties and not thongs. she proceeded to put dark makeup on herself, with dark mascara and eye liner. She then put on her silver belly chainand some bangles, she choose the high heels for her shoes, and was looking absolutely georgous, i could have cum without even touching my cock, when i saw her in that attire in all her glory, and the milky white skin showing.
She proceeded out of the bedroom into the living room downstairs and called on mushtaq, mushtaq came out of the kitchen, and i saw his eyes go wide, but he acted quite normal, showing this had happeened before and he was merely admiring her beauty. Thats when rabia said:
"put that song on , 'tipsy hogai', i want to practice."
"ok madam" said mushtaq. He turned on the smart tv, opened youtube on it and played the requested song.
Rabia, almost immediately started dancing on the song, her moves were first slow and seducting, and as soon as the music took up, she started girrating her hips and shaking her ass accordingly. she would bend down, turn her ass around, get up and sway her hips moving along with the song tune, and replicating some steps from the video.
All this time mushtaq, standing next to the TV, watched rabia, semi nude shaking her body seductively to this item number. A tent started to emerge from the dirty shalwar kameez that mushtaq was wearing, which forced him to sit down on the floor. While my wife was busy dancing, mushtaq put his hand under his kameez and over his shalwar, held his cock and started shaking it to me wifes thrusts and moves.
After 4 - 5 minutes the song ended, my wife stopped, turned towards mushtaq, who was still holding his cock, and asked him,"how was it?"

"very nice" blurted mushtaq.
rabia smirked "I know, u liked it, u donkey", looking towards the massive tent between his legs. mushtaq looked at the floor and didnt react.

"ok come here, there one more thing i wanted to try and see what the effect will be, before i try it on your sahab" said rabia, "before you come here , put that twerking song on, freak my shit by new boyz". mushtaq proceeded to youtube, and started find the song, but he couldnt as his english was not that good. rabia told him to step aside, in a loud voice, and proceeded to grab the remote herself and she found and played the song.. personally i had never heard of this song before, as soon as the song played, i realized it was very vulgar, and it was made for twerking..
rabia called mushtaq to the center of the living room, in fron the tv and asked him to stand there. as the song started playing, she bent down, with her ass in the air, and she started twerking to the song that went like this:

Okay, now putcho ass, on my dick, and pose for this shit.
Okay now Freak my Shit, freak my shit, freak my shit,
bitch freak my shit.
freak my shit, freak my shit, freak my shit,
bitch freak my shit.

my ears went red, it was like looking at a slut from a black music video dancing. blood flowed to my dick, making it bulge through my clothes. she then pushed back a little towards mushtaq and her ass started touching his crotch area, where a huge bulge was clearly visible. while twerking she looked back at him, and asked him, "how do i look?"

"very hot" mushtaq said. clearly sweating now.. just then, she stopped the music and said "no, something is not right" she looked at mushtaq and his clothes, and his bulge, and said, remove your kameez, msuhtaq removed it, and rabia assumed the twerk position again, played the sone and started grinding his crotch, after a few seconds, she got up again and said, "no", "go inside the laundry and grab your sahabs tight fit trunk hispters, wear it and come out..

mushtaq complied and walked out in one of my tight fit light gray hipsters, his huge cock bulging from the front was turned to one side towards his left leg. what a monster this skinny small guy was sporting. rabia looked at him walking in the room, and she was impressed, i could tell.

rabia assumed position again and started twerking , the song continued:

I said I'm about to fuck who I'm dancin' with,
I'm-I'm about to fuck who I'm dancing with.
I'm about to fuck who I'm dancin' with,
Shout out to the fuckin' DJ for playin' this shit;

rabia grinded his cock like there was no tomorrow.. she swayed her ass, went up and down the length of his cock, and vibrated her ass from left to right, all this time mushtaq pushing his cock further and further, and his ass started stiffer and stiffer, during the routine, he took his hand and tried to place it on my wife's ass cheek to feel her up, and rabia immediately said "NO", "dont even think of holding my ass"

mushtaq let his hands by his sides, and continued to push his crotch into my wifes ass and pussy area. the song continued:

bring that ass back, like it's stuck in intermission.
cute chick with the hair curly,
she ride that dick till it get early,
her pussy clean but she dance dirty.

i started jerking off seeing this video, and came in less than a minute.. i continued watching the lenght of this song, and saw that even mushtaq couldnt hold himself, long. With all the movement of my wifes ass meat on his dick, his dick was now repositioned, and was pointing straight up in the air., my hispters were unable to cover the length of his cock, and whole of his head and about 3 inches of his man meat was visible above the elastic of the underwear. my wifes white ass touching it continuously over the black lacy panty continued, i saw mushtaq close his eyes, and i saw cum started to burst from his cock up in the air and then one to my wifes back, and another spurt out on her panties, and another one on the exposed white cheek. it was like a cum festival.

"aaaaaahhhh hoooooomm,," groaned mushtaq. the song was at its end still playing:

Okay now Freak my Shit, freak my shit, freak my shit,
bitch freak my shit.
freak my shit, freak my shit, freak my shit,
bitch freak my shit.

thats when rabia stood up turned around, and said, "wow , that had real good effect, i will surely try that on you sahab". mushtaqs cum was all over the place, on the floor, stick to my underwear which he was wearing, on my wifes back and ass and on her panty.. his dick was now going limp.. and rabia, told him "ok im going to take a shower, u go wash up and finish the cooking.. remember last time, ur sahab said salt was too high, keep an eye on that ok, get lost now, donkey"

with that mushtaq turned and walked towards the bathroom, rabia, reached back on her ass, and felt mushtaqs cum on it, and touch it, wiped it off and looked at it, and said "eeeww" , she then smelled it, and immediately put her fingers in her mouth to suck his cum off them, she swallowed it, and proceeded walking towards the stairs with her ass jiggling in that cum blasted black lacy panties..

as far as i was concerned, this was the hottest scene i ever captured..

what do you think?
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